the touching farewell message of the colleague of Luan Peres

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The transfer of Luana Peres to Fenerbahçe is official from this Friday. A departure that visibly moved the companion of the Brazilian defender who wanted to thank the fans and the city of Marseille. Gabriela Merjam spoke through a post on Instagram.

“I have no words to thank Marseille for everything, so much so that I start writing and I’m already in tears… And now another cycle ends, fast, but very intense. Marseille has taught me a lot, it changed me a lot, it was an amazing experience. We were very well received, with a lot of love and affection from everyone, and the people who speak French like the “cold” people “It’s because they don’t know “Marseille”!
Thank you very much for everything Marseille, I hope to see you again soon.”

to summarize

The Brazilian defender’s teammate was visibly sad to leave Marseille and said goodbye to the Marseille fans. In an Instagram post, Gabriela Merjam wanted to thank the fans and the city, even though she has only spent a year in Marseille.

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