The tour remains the main objective… [Patrice Montlouis-Félicité (UFR-Chanflor]

The tour remains the main objective… [Patrice Montlouis-Félicité (UFR-Chanflor]

The 2022 tour, a highlight of Martinique’s calendar, around a unique boat in the world that is part of UNESCO’s intangible world heritage: the round skiff. In this discipline there are tenors or “mapipis”. Among them is the UFR Chanflor skiff from the Caracoli du Robert association, chaired by Patrice Montlouis-Félicité.

Patrice Félicité-Monlois;

Patrice Félicité-Monlois; the president of the Caracoli du Robert association

© DR

2019 was a very good round. The scenes were very beautiful, very competitive. For our part, the UFR skiff Chanflor still won four stages out of eight and we finished second overall. A desalination during the Fort-de-France / Anses d’Arlet stage certainly cost us first place, but we were very happy with our performance… I think we were fully committed and the crowd let us know we did well. Despite the lack of a tour in 2020 and 2021, it was not difficult to keep all members of the association engaged in skiff practice. It is true that for a while we were more concerned about the health of our members, but we were able to maintain the connection thanks to social networks. Anyway, this group is an association that is almost 35 years old, with the members it was not complicated to feel concerned about the skiff. We were able to renew our activities and we were able to redefine our goals and here I would say that we have gone through the course of the last two years relatively well.

UFR/Chanflor crew

The UFR / Chanflor crew prepares on Raisiniers beach in Trinites.

© Dennis Dreline

We really started training again in December 2021. We try to go out every Saturday, it wasn’t easy with the health application protocol where they had to do pre-tests before going out to sea. However, we managed to pass this course and the training sessions managed to go reasonably well. It is true that we mainly focused on the sensations to be found, the automatisms at the beginning, going out to find the settings. It is true that in the last few months, around May, we put a lot of emphasis on physical training. ON was helped by the various races on Sunday with the championship where we also managed to experience a number of things. Well, I would say that in the end the priority was to find the sensations in the water, on the skiff, and we ended up with, I would say, a particular emphasis on physical fitness

Ufr / Chanflor du Robert

The skiff Ufr / Chanflor du Robert during the first stage between François and Trinité.

©Raphael Bastide

We have started this 2022 season relatively well as we finish top of the championship, but obviously the Tour remains the main goal. But we are not the only ones, as other competitors also have this goal and we have competitors of great value in front of us. What makes the race will be very beautiful and very contested… what will make the difference and like every year, I believe it will be a detail, a failure, a decision, a choice. I remind you, however, that we desalinated in 2019 against Anse Mitan during the Fort-de-France / Anse d’Arlet stage, under not very complicated conditions. That’s it, you will have to be very careful at all stages, and whoever manages to achieve this will not be far from the first place.

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