The UN boss welcomes NUPES in this position

The UN boss welcomes NUPES in this position

PEDRO NUNES / REUTERS This position of UN chief pleased the French left


This position of UN chief pleased the French left

POLITICS – Welcome to Onupes? The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, announced, Wednesday August 4, a request for a tax on large groups of gas and oil with profits ” surplus “and” scandalous “in the actual context. A speech that found a particular resonance in France where the question of “crisis profiteers” erupted. The left holds, thus, his new argument.

And for good reason: The words used by the head of the UN can be those of rebel representatives, communists, ecologists or socialists who have been scraping, in vain, for weeks to impose a tax on super profits. Emmanuel Macron’s troops, like the right and the far right, are not in favor of it.

However, according to Antonio Guterres, “he is immoral” that these large groups recorded record profits “behind the poorest populations and communities, with huge costs for the climate”. That’s why he” calls on all governments to tax” this excess profit and to use these funds to support the most vulnerable in these difficult times. »

Guterres against “ridiculous”, “immoral”, “scandalous” greed

In general, the head of the United Nations estimated the income generated in the first quarter of 2022 by the hydrocarbon majors at around $100 billion. With oil and gas prices rising, BP, ExxonMobile, Chevron, Shell and TotalEnergies also announced big profits in the second quarter. The net profit of the French company doubled to settle at 5.7 billion dollars in the last mark. An unusual situation, for the former Prime Minister of Portugal.

“This ridiculous greed punishes the poorest and most vulnerable, while destroying our only common home, the planet”Antonio Guterres insisted again, without mentioning this or that group but pushing the idea of ​​this “supertax” which is already used in many countries such as Great Britain or Italy.

In this context, it is enough for the representatives of Nupes to provide a layer at a time that Macronie refused any device of this kind. François Ruffin, the Insoumis deputy of the Somme or Sandra Régol, the elected ecologist of Paris, did not fail to share, on social networks, the position taken by Antonio Gueterres, who became the spokesperson and moral endorsement of their suggestion.

Going against the grain?

Many of our neighbors dealing with emergencies have fallen. It has been recommended by the European Commission, and now the UN “, wrote PS MP Fatiha Keloua Hachi, asked Elisabeth Borne what he is ” waited “. For his colleague, the socialist Valérie Rabault, “ the French government against the grain “and” locked himself into an untenable dogmatic position.”

Still on Twitter, many political leaders of NUPES want to laugh at the situation – or ironic about the declarations of the head of the UN -. ” Is the UN Secretary General on the left? “, for example, I ask the ecologist Benjamin Lucas to better criticize the discourse of the majority, quickly presenting this type of measure as too radical.

Illustration a few hours later, when Gabriel Attal reiterated his opposition to the tax, NUPES was accused of wanting ” exclude tax companies “. “VYou wake up in the morning wondering who the tax is, and you sleep at night wondering how to do it “, specifically criticized the Minister of Budget in response to the rebel MP Charlotte Leduc, who challenged him in the case of Total. And to add, in the same tone: This is your philosophy of life! “. Apparently, that of Antonio Guterres as well.

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