Tonight on TV: Best Film Directed by Marilou Berry

Tonight on TV: Best Film Directed by Marilou Berry

Success for this sequel. Tonight, at 9:10 pm, TF1 will air the French comedy “Josephine S’Round Off”, directed by Marilou Berry and adapted from the famous comic strip by Penélope Bagiu. It is the sequel to “Josephine”, released in 2013, a feature film in which Joseon Balasco’s daughter had already played the main character and the answer to Mehdi Nebbu. In this second composition, two years after meeting great love, Gilles, Josephine learns that she is pregnant. Now his biggest fear is: to be like his mother.

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His Best Film as a Director

Released in 2016, it is the first film directed by Marilou Berry and received the best reviews from the press and the highest box office signings. Six years ago, when it hit theaters, “Josephine’s Rondit” drew 881,290 spectators in France. Her second feature film, “When We Cry Wolf”, released in 2019, is far from achieving the same performance. Pulled off by the press, the film was a huge flop with less than 30,000 admissions at the end of its run.

On the television side, comedy adapted from the comic strip had already been programmed in prime time on TF1. According to Médiamétrie, on Monday June 29, 2020, “Josephine s’arrondissement” was followed by 4.08 million viewers, i.e. a market share of 19.2% of individuals aged four years and over. Last week, on the front page, the first part attracted 2.42 million film viewers, or 14.9% of the entire public.

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