Tonight on TV: The movie that makes you want to have kids... or not - Actus Cine

Tonight on TV: The movie that makes you want to have kids… or not – Actus Cine

AlloCiné recommends watching a movie on TV every day. Tonight: A dramatic comedy about motherhood.

In 2005, the publication of the novel a happy event Eliot Abacusis sparks controversy because it defiles motherhood. Six years later, Rémi Bejançon dares to bring this taboo subject book to the big screen with precision and sensitivity.

Louise Bourgoin, known at the time primarily as the ex-Miss Vader from the show “Le Grand Journal” on Canal+, here embodies a young mother, who is filled with awe of the turmoil of motherhood and her newfound feelings. Detects all ambiguity.

The joys of being a mother, the union with her child as well as the depression that awaits her every moment. Inexperienced in this matter, the actress is fully involved in her role with Pio Marma – who has already played for Remy Bezançon in The First Days of Your Life.

Built in two separate halves around a central scene of childbirth, A Happy Event is a bubbly, often funny film that paints a realistic portrait of a young couple’s parents, and above all, of a mother. With moments of intense joy and his moments of doubt and distress. On AlloCiné, the film has an average viewer rating of 3.5 out of 5.

a happy event By Remi Bejançon with Louis Bourgoin, Pio Marmas, Joseon Balasco …

from the age of 10

Tonight at 9:05 on TFX.

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