Video - "We only see in the movies": Witnesses recall the explosions at Bergerac

Video – “We only see in the movies”: Witnesses recall the explosions at Bergerac

A few hours after the incident, some people described the atmosphere of chaos. On Wednesday 3 August, eight people were injured, including one in a state of absolute emergency. “Many Explosions” At the site of the Urenko powder factory in Bergerac (Dordogne), Seveso is classified “high threshold”. “Nitrocellulose contained in a workshop ignited during maintenance operations”In a press release, the Euronco Group, the European leader in the field of powders and explosives, said that “The cause of the accident is not yet known.”

exploded “One of the storage buildings, which caught fire”, At the end of the afternoon, the group made sure that “Situation [était] under control”, But residents remain worried. On the spot, still sounding, 28-year-old Enzo Granger, a boilermaker for a subcontractor, is heard. “Between six to seven explosions”. and it was after the third that he “to run”, see something “Pieces of bricks are moving from place to place, pieces of iron, windows”. He further said that he saw “like a sort of air bubble coming out of buildings during an explosion”, “explosion”, and “shock wave”. “I told myself: ‘You only see that in movies'”. The, “A man came out with a head covered in blood”, “Open Skull”. “He was missing a shoe, I helped him walk”Enzo Granger explains.


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