War in Ukraine: "The Ukrainian army turned against the Russians and this is only the beginning", at least 100 soldiers died during a counter-offensive in Kherson

War in Ukraine: “The Ukrainian army turned against the Russians and this is only the beginning”, at least 100 soldiers died during a counter-offensive in Kherson

The southern command of the kyiv army said in a statement that more than 100 Russian soldiers were killed in fighting on Friday in the Kherson region, the center of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the southeastern part of the country.

The Ukrainian army said on Saturday that it had killed several Russian soldiers and destroyed two ammunition depots during fighting in the Kherson region, the main target of the counteroffensive led by the kyiv army. Perhaps a turning point in the war as this town was an important link in the supply lines to Moscow. A Ukrainian toll reported more than 100 dead on the Russian side.

It is also a strong sign of the communications war in which Russia and Ukraine are also engaged. These Russian losses announced by Zelensky’s army should make noise in Moscow. The presence of the Ukrainian president in the port of Odessa, Friday, July 29, shows the renewed power shown in Ukraine. And Western missiles are no strangers to this change

In more detail, train traffic to Kherson through the Dnipro River was cut off, the Southern Military Command said, potentially further isolating Russian forces west of the river from supplies from Moscow and occupied Crimea.

During the fighting, the note continued, seven Russian tanks and two Russian ammunition depots were destroyed.

First official footage of the MLRS M270 in combat use in Ukraine.
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Fire for the enemy!
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Video: the Commander-in-Chief of #UAarmy General Valerii Zaluzhnyi pic.twitter.com/n7ANAfqV9i

– Defense of Ukraine (@DefenseU) July 29, 2022

Ukraine has reportedly used long-range HIMARS and M270 missile systems supplied by the West to severely damage three bridges on the Dnipro in recent weeks, cut off the city of Kherson and – according to assessment of British defense officials – leaving Russia’s 49th Army in place. on the very vulnerable west bank of the river.

Russian leader Yuri Sobolevsky, the deputy governor of the regional administration that Russia has placed in Kherson since the city’s occupation, urged residents to stay away from Russian ammunition depots. “The Ukrainian army has turned against the Russians and this is only the beginning”wrote Sobolevsky in Telegram.

But on the part of Russia, there is no question of accepting the term “counter-offensive”. “The fact that the Kherson region will return to Ukrainian control and there will be a counter-offensive is pure fantasy. The nationalists do not have a decent army capable, in any way, of resisting the Russian armed forces Federation “, declared Kirill Stremoussov, one of the leaders of Russia in Kherson, to the official agency Ria Novosti lined Courrier International.

According to Moscow, Ukraine is playing a communication game by using the term “counter-offensive” to ask for financial and military aid from the West. “What Ukrainian Nazis want is to fill their pockets as much as possible,” Kirill Stremousov told Ria Novosti.

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