Warner surprises Hollywood by canceling 'Batgirl' release

Warner surprises Hollywood by canceling ‘Batgirl’ release

never seen Warner Bros. Discovery decides to throw superhero movie in the trash bat girl Which was to be available on the HBO Max streaming platform in the United States. The feature film, which has already been shot, and is expected to cost $90 million (over 88 million euros), will not be released in theaters either.

An adaptation of the DC Comics character’s adventures, the film starred actress Leslie Grace in the lead role alongside Michael Keaton, who once again wore the legendary Batman costume.

, Director of bat girl Expressed his disappointment on Wednesday 3 August. “We are saddened and shocked by this news. We still can’t believe it”Adil El Arabi and Bilal Falah said on Instagram.

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“As directors, it is essential that our work is shown to the public, and, even if the film is far from finished, we would love for fans around the world to be able to see it and understand it.”, two Belgian pairs. Much of the post-production work – the phase where, for example, special effects are added – had already been wrapped.

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In their message, the directors, who specifically signed bad boys for Lifepaid tribute to “Great Actor” On the poster of the film. “Anyway, since we were kids, big fans of Batman, it was a privilege and an honor to be a part of [l’univers cinématographique DC], Even for a short time. bat girl forever “He concluded.

The studio’s decision has stunned Hollywood, where film industry insiders assured that such a cancellation was unprecedented for a nearly finished work — and costing so much money.

bat girl Collateral appears to have fallen victim to the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery. Warner Bros. planned to produce films to be released directly on the HBO Max platform. But due to the need to bypass cinemas, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this option was not unanimous, and the studios seem to have backed out after merging with Discovery.

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“Decision not to go out” bat girl Reflects our strategic shift as it relates to the DC Universe and HBO Max.A Warner spokesperson said in a statement, , [Leslie Grace est] An incredibly talented actress, and this decision has nothing to do with her performance. ,

Sequel of ‘Scooby’ also rejected

Although less expensive than many superhero movies, typically costing between $150 million and $200 million, bat girl Yet it would be deemed too expensive for a streaming sector that is tightening its belt, and not great enough for the big screen, condemning it to archives, according to experts in the field cited by the magazine. Diversity.

Warner Bros. also postponed the film’s sequel Scooby, Producer and writer Tony Cervon confirmed in an Instagram post that ” movie [était] almost finished and[était] Amazingly gone. My heart is more than broken”.

David Zaslav, general manager of New Warner Bros. Discovery, has explained that big-budget films are best served by a theatrical rollout. But to market such a film bat girl That kind of production would require tens of millions of dollars more. The group, which is due to publish its second-quarter results on Thursday, was apparently unwilling to go that far.

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