What is the future of the therapist?  MotoGP asks its fans about its future

What is the future of the therapist? MotoGP asks its fans about its future

Survey designed for the development of motorcycle Grand Prix

In recent years, the MotoGP World Championship has seen numerous regulatory changes, integrated racing on electric motorcycles and the level of riders has increased with the arrival of a new generation. But the one that many consider to be the main category of motorcycling, does not cause any criticism?

With the German Grand Prix currently underway at the Sachsenring, Dorna Sport SL and Motorsport Network are launching a major international survey of fans of the championship, with the questionnaire being translated into no less than 15 languages.

The aim here is to collect the opinions of people who follow MotoGP on a very wide range of issues, from viewing habits to impressions of the Grand Prix, including the influence of sponsors and the growth of eSports.

Should we open the door to other tire manufacturers? Should the term be shortened or extended? Which tracks are inseparable from the championship? Is the subscription price too high?

While this approach is a first for MotoGP, Motorsport Network has already conducted similar research in recent months with F1 and the Indycar series. The results will be analyzed by Nielsen Sport and reported next September.

Carmelo EspeletoCEO of Dorna Sports:

The fans make our sport what it is; they are at the heart of MotoGP. We are constantly striving to make this Championship even better, so who better than the fans to answer us? […] This is an incredible opportunity to bring so many people together and give them a voice to build the future of the sport we all love together.

In the meantime, give yourself a good quarter of an hour to answer the entire questionnaire.

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