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What’s new in August 2022 with a prequel to a cult film

Like every month, the Disney Plus platform unveils its new features and here are the ones for August 2022. The Marvel series is a huge event with a prequel to Star Wars, the film Heat and the monument to action cinema.

Even when you subscribe to just one streaming service, following releases can quickly become complicated. So here’s everything you need to know about what’s new for Disney Plus August 2022. The program is packed with very important additions to the SVOD platform

Disney+. new movies on august 2022

Preeti (August 5) – The Predator Forward

Predator returns, but this time on the small screen and without a franchise name. The film takes place 300 years before the feature film with Arnold Schwarzenegger and tells the story of young Naru. A “fierce and brilliant warrior” who tracks down an extraterrestrial entity in the territory of the Native American tribe of the Comanche who first came to Earth. The former governor of California has been replaced by Amber Midthunder (Commancheria, Banshee, Legion…).

  • Manhattan Fraudster (August 5)
  • Jojo Rabbit (August 12)
  • Night and Day (August 19)
  • Colombian (August 19)
  • Life Aquatic (August 19)
  • Secret (August 26)
  • Tolkien (August 26)

Heat (August 26) – Michael Mann’s masterpiece

Heat is not just the pinnacle of director Michael Mann’s filmography. It is one of the most cult films of 7th Arts. We are witnessing a face-to-face anthology between two of the greatest actors, if not the greatest. Robert De Niro (Neil McCauley) as a robber and Al Pacino (Vincent Hanna) as a police lieutenant. An inevitable game of cat and mouse!

new series of august 2022

  • American Crime Story – Seasons 1 and 2 (August 3)
  • Code Black – Seasons 1-3 (August 3)
  • Lego Star Wars: It’s Summertime (August 5)

My name is Groot (August 10) – Dearest Guardian of the Galaxy

My Name is Groot or I Am Groot is a series of five short films about one of the principal Guardians of the Galaxy characters, Baby Groot. we will live “His glory days and the calamity that he grew among the stars”, Vin Diesel resumed his role as a voice actor in the James Gunn films.

  • Blue – Season 3 (August 10)
  • 9-1-1 – Season 4 (August 17)

She Hulk: Lawyer (August 17) – Orphan Black’s heroine in Hare Giant mode

The very talented Tatiana Maslany, whom we saw in Orphan Black, has transformed into a green giant for the needs of the She Hulk series. This extraordinary power he gets directly from his cousin Bruce Banner aka Hulk, who will be his coach. Mark Ruffalo is in the cast as Tim Roth (Emile Blonsky/Abomination) and Benedict Wong (Wong from Dr. Strange). Hell’s kitchen devil, daredevil, will even say hello!

  • Blackish – Season 8 (August 24)
  • Pictures of the Stars (August 24)
  • American Horror Story: Double Feature (August 31)

August 2022 documentaries on Disney Plus

  • Hot Zone – Season 2 (August 3)
  • Dry the Oceans: The Mississippi River and the Arctic War – Season 1 (August 12)
  • AZF: In the Heart of Chaos (August 19)
  • Pablo Escobar, Drug Empire (August 19)
  • Fearless: The True Story of the AFLW (August 24)
  • Europe seen from the sky (August 31)
  • The Road to Hell: Norway – Season 6 (August 31)

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