With Matîs Louvel in the last leg of the Tour de France 2022

With Matîs Louvel in the last leg of the Tour de France 2022

Thanks to an invitation from Otakam, presentation partner of the Arkea – Samsic team (but I’ll tell you more about that in a few weeks), I was able to follow the rider Matîs Louvel on the last lap of the Tour de France, between Lacapelle – Marival and Rocamadour.

A time of 40 kilometers which is not easy with grainy roads and long false flats and above all two beautiful bumps. A great opportunity for me to take pictures that are a little different than what I usually do, during the warm-up, but also during the race.

At the same time, a video that will make you experience the chrono from the inside, with the advice of Arnaud Gérard as sports director.

Unlike many articles, I won’t write much. I’ll leave you to enjoy this photo gallery… and below you’ll find the video. Thanks to Jérôme and Gaëtan from Otakam and the whole Arkea-Samsic team for the welcome!

This video was taken on the phone, from the back of the car. Sorry if things move a lot, but the main thing is there, you can hear the instructions of Arnaud Gérard, who, like a rally navigator, reread these notes of Matisse Louvel, pointing out the dangers and bumps. All of this is fed into the Veloviewer app tablet, allowing for a precise view.

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