Zelensky denounces "a deliberate war crime in Russia" after prison bombing

Zelensky denounces “a deliberate war crime in Russia” after prison bombing

8:42 am: Near Kharkiv, Ukrainians begin a difficult reconstruction

Galyna Kios and her family survived hiding in a dark basement, cooking on a makeshift wood stove, while Russian troops seized their village, thirty kilometers from the Russian border in northeastern Ukraine. . Fortunately, the occupation lasted only a few weeks, before the Ukrainian army retook Kharkiv.

“I saw what they did to my house, what was left of it”, confirms this 67-year-old woman, widow and mother of four children, while philosophizing: “Material things are not worth living ” . “I am happy that, by the will of God, I am alive. All the lost material, we can rebuild it,” he added, recalling his thoughts that day.

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